You open your eyes but you can't remember what for.

jueves, 8 de julio de 2010


Moral fiber.
So what is moral fiber? I mean, it's funny. I used to think it was always telling the truth, doing good deeds... you know, basically being a fucking Boy Scout.

But lately I've been seeing it differently. Now I think that moral fiber is about finding that one thing you really care about. That one special thing that means more to you than anything else in the world.
And when you find her, you fight for her.You risk it all. You put her in front of everything..your future, your life...all of it.
And maybe the stuff you do to help her isn't so clean. 
You know what? It doesn't matter. Because in your heart, you know... that the juice is worth the squeeze.
That's what moral fiber's all about.

(Dialogo de Matthew Kidman en la pelicula: "The girl next door")+

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