You open your eyes but you can't remember what for.

jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

I just only wanted to tell you that I love you.

So, what if I do love you.
What if this time is real? 
What can I do to make things change? 
What can I do to have you by my side?
What can I do with me, with this feeling and with you... when you are in front of me, looking at me with those eyes.
You are standing in front of me, and I only imagine we both together. So I look into your eyes, wanting to say: "Hey boy I do love you! can't you understand?!"

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Ani dijo...


julieta dijo...

adorable, de verdad.
muchas gracias por tus cometnarios!

Reina dijo...

lovely writing ;D

and HELL YES to skandar keynes!!!!
god you have no idea how much i loved him back when the lion the wtich and the wardrobe came out. NO IDEA. he's SO CUTE!!! in some pictures anyways. ready for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ????

Ancia dijo...

Nice poem!